Olivia |Ava & May |Camille & Chesa

When I look at the faces in these pictures, and hear or write their stories, my heart and mind are overwhelmed. Where do I even start in articulating who they are, or how knowing them has changed who I am. These remarkable women have walked roads that my mind has difficulty even conceiving. Sometimes I look into a girl’s eyes and see such incredible pain I want to hold her and never let go. I want to squeeze away all the heartache, enveloping her in the love that she has never known. No matter how tight I hold her or how many tears I shed over her pain, I cannot take away the damage and brokenness. Reality is harsh and terrible, but redemption IS more than enough.

When she embraces the redeeming power of the cross her life is changed, her wounds healed, and her soul is made whole. This transforming process of healing and wholeness is best captured with the symbolism of a butterfly. At Safe Refuge we have butterflies everwhere representing the beauty of each girl in who God made her to be; and the HOPE of rising above her desperate circumstances and soaring FREE. Thank you for your understanding and you commitment to Make Her Safe.