About Safe Refuge Founder: Naomi Hamilton Jensen  

Naomi was 7 years old when she first felt God was calling her to share the love of Jesus with others by meeting physical needs. God spoke to Naomi through dreams where she was surrounded by people with serious wounds, in need of medical attention. Bandaging and cleaning wounds, helping others find hope and healing, became a passion of her heart. Naomi pursued a degree in nursing and then midwifery and she began serving the poorest of the poor full time in the Philippines in 2003. As a nurse, and a midwife she has attended over 2,000 births of tiny humans. In 2007, she founded Safe Refuge in response to the desperate needs and God’s call. Today Naomi and her husband Andrew serve as an international voice for the women and children Safe Refuge serves. They are passionate about hearing and obeying the voice of God and using whatever tools God has given them for the sake of the world in need. They count it a great honor to serve alongside a team of dedicated national missionaries whose passion is redemption and restoration. Naomi and Andrew have a one year old son, AJ who is very loved by his Safe Refuge sisters.