Redel (Red) - Safe Refuge Co-Founder

Red and Naomi founded Safe Refuge together in 2007. Red is a Registered Nurse who answered the call of God on her life to come back to serve the poorest of the poor in the nation of her birth. As a single mom to two, now grown sons, and a lola (grandma) to two precious grandchildren, Red's personal journey has been one of incredible challenges and beautiful victories. Red has faithfully served on Safe Refuge's leadership team since even before day one. She has served in many capacities over the years wherever there is a need. Currently she is serving as Safe Refuge’s National Director. Red is a gifted singer and passionate worshipper of God. She has a natural gift to nurture and serve as a mother to the motherlerless.


 Edna Duca - Safe Refuge After Care Coordinator

Edna has been an integral part of Safe Refuge's leadership team since day 1. As an incredible woman of strength and integrity she has always served in any and every area of need. She teaches bible studies and parenting classes and oversees the staff in covering each of our home's day to day practical needs.  Edna is mother to three grown children, Lola to three adorable treasures, wife of 25+ years, and a faithful servant of God for many years. We are so honored and blessed to have this powerful woman on our team!




Grace - Safe Refuge Administrative Assistant

Grace has been a part of our Safe Refuge Family since our very beginning days. Her parents pastor the church Safe Refuge was birthed in. Grace spent many hours as a young teenager hanging out in our first home playing the guitar and loving on the kiddos. Grace joined our full time staff in 2011 coordinating our music programs and daily resident activities. Grace is a gifted musician with an incredible heart for the hurting and broken. She is currently studying social work, while continuing to serve on our leadership team!  We are so proud of this warrior woman and thankful for the hope and healing tools God has given her.


Marilyn - Safe Refuge Program Coordinator

Affectionately known as "Ate Leng", Marilyn brings much joy and nurturing to our Safe Refuge Family. Leng and her husband faithfully pastored for many years before he finished his race at a young age due to complications of diabetes. Leng is mother to one treasured son whom she loves with all her heart! Through her ministry at Safe Refuge, Leng loves little ones and older ones through loss and sorrows and helps them to experience family and care. We are honored to have this loving woman on our team!