About Safe Refuge

Safe Refuge is a ministry to rescue women and children who are victims of the abusive Asian sex industry. Founded by Naomi Hamilton Jensen in 2007 in Manila, Philippines, Safe Refuge has taken in dozens of women and children in crises, seeking to meet their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. As the only shelter in Metro Manila that takes in pregnant women who already have children to bring with them, Safe Refuge seeks to help the mothers find the healing to start over with a changed life. Meeting medical and pregnancy needs is part of how Safe Refuge helps people through difficult life circumstances on a journey of healing and restoration through Jesus Christ.


Starting in Manila…

There are an estimated 500,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines and it is ranked fourth in the world for having the MOST children in prostitution.



Why Manila?

Imagine not knowing your name or your birthday or ever having any memory of your parents. When she came to SAFE REFUGE pregnant from gang rape, we asked her name. She said: “Tawag nila sa akin Aso”
“They call me dog”
She was given a new name at Safe Refuge:“Beautiful”


In Manila, the sex industry and street life create thousands of women who are in crisis pregnancies.

In underdeveloped nations, half a million die a year from preventable pregnancy complications. That is 3,000 women dying EVERY DAY. 

Safe Refuge cares for and provides the necessary medical provisions and birthing care so girls like “Beautiful” can give birth to healthy children and learn how to care for their life and the life of their baby. Making one life safe includes providing for the woman and children who are pregnant and in need of care.

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Manila has the most prostituted persons in the nation with an estimated 100,000 child prostitutes in Manila alone. Save a girl today!