About the Founder of Safe Refuge: Naomi Hamilton Jensen  

Throughout our lives we are faced with small decisions that seem insignificant, but later become life changing. When Naomi was a little girl she dreamed of helping the poor and needy. In preparation for that calling, Naomi pursued medical training, becoming a Registered Nurse and Certified Professional Midwife. At age 21, she left the comforts of western life and began working with families in developing countries. She worked as the clinical director of a free maternity and birth clinic situated just outside of a large slum in Manila, Philippines. This birth center provided care for the poorest of the poor at all hours of the day and night. She supervised countless deliveries, prenatal appointments, and postpartum visits. In addition, she led a staff of more than twenty people, modeling compassionate and quality medical care as well as sensitivity to the spiritual and emotional needs of the clients being served.

Through these experiences, Naomi knew there was something more than just helping these women with their maternity needs, and then watching them go back into devastating circumstances and being used in the sex-trade. In January 2007, she opened Safe Refuge. Since then not only has Naomi helped countless women through medical and pregnancy needs, but she has been able to rescue them out of dire circumstances. With Safe Refuge, Naomi continues to walk with women and children as they endure difficult life circumstances to help them toward healing and restoration, finding renewed lives in Jesus Christ. She lives her life committed to seeing them become whole, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Naomi's love for God and for people is evident through the daily seemingly small decisions that turn out to be truly life changing.