Share about Safe Refuge with your church, club, or organization. Spread the message so more lives can be changed.

“There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuum created by these openings. It is in these times that key men and women, and even entire generations, risk everything to become the hinge of history-that pivotal point which determines which way the door will swing.” Lou Engle   TheCall, Co-Founder & President

Safe Refuge was started without money or a large support system - but with a passion for the weak, poor, unnoticed, and unwanted...and GOD!   Safe Refuge founder, Naomi Hamilton Jensen, was just one girl responding to God's call. You are one person- but YOU can make a difference.

Will you pray? Will you help rescue more girls?

We invite you to share the stories of Safe Refuge with your church, organization, or friends and begin a movement. Request materials or invite Naomi to share more about the sex-trade industry and how Safe Refuge is making a real difference.