Deep Waters

She looked out on the water 20 feet below her, pinched her tiny nose, and jumped in! It was deep, so deep, and she hit the water with such force it pushed her far into the depths and disoriented her. Even though she could swim, she couldn't tell which way was up and which way was down. When she didn't surface immediately, Andy dove down and within seconds she was in his arms gasping for air with terrified eyes.
And then, she was okay.
In fact, we had to talk her out of doing it again! Obviously it wasn't as scary for her as it was for us, maybe because she knew she would be rescued?

In daily life at Safe Refuge, it seems like we are doing a lot of diving into deep waters. Of course, the depths of evil and darkness, injustice and trauma that we see can be overwhelming. But sometimes our "deep waters" aren't actually deep issues but shallow disappointments, discouragements, or simple misunderstandings in our homes or among our staff. They can be disorienting and confusing. But we know God is WITH US always and there's nothing too hard or too trivial for Him!

This month we welcomed a new beauty, Elizabeth, who is 14, pregnant, and has suffered violations beyond description. She is due to give birth next month and she hadn't had any medical care, not even a single check-up. We are taking care of her now, the best we can, but we feel the heaviness of her suffering and what can never be undone. Please keep her in your prayers!

Celebrating Victories!

Hannah is a college graduate! This amazing beauty came to Safe Refuge 6 years ago. She was a pregnant, grieving, teenager, who had just lost a daughter to diarrhea. Hannah grew up in an orphanage and there was much to navigate with her, as she bravely faced her fears and walked the healing road. She gave birth, in Safe Refuge, to Mari the most adorable dimple faced cutie, and Hannah began to dream again. She dreamed to become a Nurse. When her daughter died, the nurses were unkind and wounded her deeply.
Hannah wants to be a kind nurse. She knows she will never forget her experience and loss, but she is allowing God to use everything she's been through to help others. In all that she has won and lost along her journey the truths of God's extravagant love hold her steadfast. Thank You for all your prayers and support over the years. You helped Hannah reach this dream!